Face Painting & Temporary Tattoos:
Our entertaining and talented artists use the finest hypo-allergic materials. We can do about 15 to 20 faces per hour. There may be factors out of the artist's control that may make that number vary. Don't forget, we can travel (charges may apply).

For More Information and Samples Visit: www.facepaintingny.com

Magician (Close up Magic or Full Show)
Our magicians do more than just create great magic. They become your ambassador of good will. Always entertaining with your objectives in mind, they are perfect for any type of event from private parties to product launches, sales meetings, building morale, hospitality suites or just having a good time.

Close up magic is exceptionally intriguing for intelligent audiences when performed by a master. The unimaginable happens right before your eyes without the aid of camera tricks and trapdoors. Your guests will see it, touch it, and experience true prestidigitation. Smiles are guaranteed to magically appear and magnificent long term memories materialize.

Mindreading & Comedy

Your guests have just experienced an evening of good food, good company and good fun. So now what? The perfect highlight for the perfect event is a fascinating Mind-Reading/ Comedy performance. Our master showmen combine the use of Psychology, Nuro-linguistics and Sociology to create an unbelievable and memorable show!

With uncanny accuracy, they can reveal your birth date, thoughts, people, places and things from your life. Their predictions and premonitions are always upbeat, fun and on target!

Live Figure Drawing:

Our talented artists will sketch party guests’ body from the rear…fully-clothed, of course. Individuals, couples or groups get a chance to see a side of themselves they rarely ever see! Fast, funny and entertaining, these unique fine-art quality drawings (18" x 24") are created in just a few minutes... and last a lifetime! It's a great ice-breaker at any affair... and onlookers will be thoroughly captivated watching each rear end get artistically immortalized!

For More Information and Samples Visit: www.sketchabutt.com




Air Brush Artistry:

Fun and exciting airbrush designs for clothing, bags, hats or whatever! Whether you are planning a birthday party, corporate event or Bar Mitzvah, airbrush painting is a wonderful entertainment option that can enhance any event. Custom airbrushed clothing makes the perfect party favor!

Contact us for more Information and Samples.

P.O. Box 128, Old Bethpage, NY 11804
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